Original and fantastic noodle

Kohmen was established in 1995.
Noodle is cooked by professional chef.
There is clean and elegant space in Kohmen restaurant.

The Original Dessert Menu.

Chinese style almond milk jelly.
There are lots of customers in line from the opening time to get the delicious dessert.
This is really delicious dessert. Please try it once.
We have been able to open more than ten branches of Kohmen.
It is becoming more and more popular because of its special taste.

We will carry on searching the taste of customer’s desire and demand. We will always try to fulfill the customer
demand and desire. Our aim is to produce the original and fantastic noodle forever.

The special place, the special taste

Kohmens are located in famous places of the city. Each shop has its own specialty and function.
Of course, each shop has its own style and design.
Kohmens are built by understanding each and every city’s environment.

Two designers have made a special design for Kohmen.
Mr. Hashimoto has made a special design for Kohmen.He knows very well the environment of each and everycity.
He always creates fantastic design and has designed in many places.
He has designed and created such a fantastic thing in Ikebukuro Shop where the customers can enjoy sense of
live with a good environment. It has first and second floor.